1. Every student must be in his/her class room before the second bell is given.
  2. No student will be allowed to enter the class room after the third bell.
  3. Roll is taken at the beginning of each period to mark the attendance of the students.  Absence for a period will be considered as absence for that half day.
  4. No student shall absent himself/herself from college without permission of the Principal.  In cases, where absence is due to unforeseen causes, an application for leave must be submitted so as to reach principal on that day or the next day after the event.
  5. Leave will be granted only on reasonable causes shown but in case of sickness, the production of medical certificate may be required along with a letter from the parent / guardian.
  6. (a)Any student who absent himself/herself without leave shall be punished by a            fine of Rs.20/- a day for the first instance.  Heavier punishment may be                  imposed if a student is irregular.

        (b)Absconding from Classes (after attending some classes) shall be punished with                a fine of Rs.50/-.

        (c)Absentees from Internal Assessment Examinations shall be punished with a                      fine of Rs.50/- per each subject.

         8.  75% Attendance is compulsory to get eligibility to claim for any scholarship.

         9.  A condonation fee of Rs.500/-  will be collected for shortage of attendance                       between 66% and 75% on producing Medical Certificate.

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