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Academic Regulations



  1. Every student must be in his/her class room before the second bell is given.
  2. No student will be allowed to enter the class room after the third bell.
  3. Roll is taken at the beginning of each period to mark the attendance of the students.  Absence for a period will be considered as absence for that half day.
  4. No student shall absent himself/herself from college without permission of the Principal.  In cases, where absence is due to unforeseen causes, an application for leave must be submitted so as to reach principal on that day or the next day after the event.
  5. Leave will be granted only on reasonable causes shown but in case of sickness, the production of medical certificate may be required along with a letter from the parent / guardian.
  6. (a) Any student who absent himself/herself without leave shall be punished by a fine of Rs.20/- a day for the first instance.  Heavier punishment may be imposed if a student is irregular.

(b) Absconding from Classes (after attending some classes) shall be punished with a fine of Rs.50/-.

(c) Absentees from Internal Assessment Examinations shall be punished with a fine of Rs.50/- per each subject.

7. Every student must have at least 75% of attendance in theory classes and 90% of attendance in practical classes to be eligible to appear for the Semester End Examinations.

8.  75% Attendance is compulsory to get eligibility to claim for any scholarship.

9.  A condonation fee of Rs.500/-  will be collected for shortage of attendance between 66% and 75% on producing Medical Certificate.





  1. The Board of Management, Adikavi Nannaya University/Andhra University shall have power to supervise and control the residence and discipline of the students of the University subject to the provisions in the code to regulate the conduct of any student in a college or hostel connected with a college or colleges and to take cognizance of any misconduct in any examination for a Degree, Diploma, Title or Mark of honor brought to the notice of the Board of Management by the Commissioner of Collegiate Education or Chief Educational Office of State or by responsible authorities of the college or hostel concerned or in any case by member or any one of the University authorities or the Registrar of the University or a chief superintendent at any time by expulsion from any University or from any convocation for the purpose of conferring degree certificate either permanently or endowment held by such person or by awarding such penalty as it deems proper.
  2. The Board of Management in exercise of the powers conferred upon it under the Act and Code, has therefore been pleased to make the following orders of the board of Management in regar5d to the students of the University of any affiliated College.
  3. The Principal shall have complete power for maintenance of the discipline of students.
  4. The Principal may frame from time to time disciplinary rules of a permanent or temporary character regulating the conduct within the college or hostel premises of Graduate and Post Graduate students in the rolls.
  5. On the report of the Principal or other authorities all such breaches of discipline as in the opinion of these authorities call for the imposition of rustication from examination etc. as punishment will be considered by the Board of Management.  The Board of Management will pass there on such order it deems necessary.  This does not prevent the Board of Management from taking cognizance of serious breaches of discipline, which are brought to the notice by any of the person mentioned in section (i) or sumoto on awarding rustication etc. as punishment.
  6. The Principal shall have power to inflict the following punishments in the interest of the institution concerned, viz., Fine, Suspension, Expulsion by issuing Transfer Certificate.
  7. (a) The attendance certificate shall be granted in accordance with section  8(3) or chapter LV of Vol.II of the code.

(b) The annual attendance certificate once issued by Principal of College shall not be cancelled by them, but the Board of Management may direct ther Heads of the Colleges not to admit the student, who are found guilty of serious offence of misconduct after the issue of attendance certificate to any examination of to further courses of study for a certain period.

8.  The Principal shall place himself in communication where necessary with parents / guardians of the student who are very backward and do not show improvement or whose attendance is very irregular and conduct unsatisfactory.  The names of students found incorrigible even after the warnings, may be removed from the rolls after intimation to the parents / guardians.  The order of the principal on the matter shall be final.

9. In case of serious indiscipline by students the principal whenever possible before taking disciplinary action, inform the parents/guardians, the nature of indiscipline committed by such students.

10. If a student is expelled from the college, intimation of the facts of expulsion, with a statement of the reasons shall be given forth with by the principal.

(a) To the parent/the guardian of the student and

(b) To the Board of Management.  Intimation to the Board of Management shall be accompanied by the Transfer Certificate of the student.  The Board of Management on the application of the student of his parent / guardian may after making such enquiry, as it deems proper deliver certificate to the student with any necessary endorsement or with hold it temporarily permanently.

11. The principal of the college may prohibit students from attending political or other meetings if he apprehends a breach of peace.

12. (a) Student of college going on strike or in any guilt of serious indiscipline shall ipso facto immediately forfeit their scholarship, fee concession etc., 

       (b) Scholarships, fee concessions etc. thus forfeited shall not ordinary be restored.

13. If any student discontinue his / her studies from the college should inform the same to the Principal at the early date.




a)      Ragging is prohibited within or outside of any educational institution in the state as per G.O.Ms.No.67, Higher Education (EC) dt.31.08.2002.  Whenever with the intention of causing ragging or with the knowledge that he is likely by such act to cause ragging commits or abets ragging shall be punishable as per Andhra Pradesh Prohibition of Ragging Act, 1997 (Act 26 of 1997).

b)      The students convicted of an offence under Sec.4 of Andhra Pradesh Prohibition of Ragging Act, 1997 (Act 26 of 1997) and punished with imprisonment for a term shall be dismissed from the educational institution.  The student convicted of an offence under Sec.4 of Andhra Pradesh Prohibition of Ragging Act, 1997 (Act 26 of 1997) and punished with imprisonment for a term of more than six months shall not be admitted in any of the educational institutions.

c)      Any student dismissed from a college for ragging should be debarred from seeking admission in any other course of study in any college/University located in the state.  In case of the students who involved in ragging, there shall be an embossment on his marks, cards and other academic certificates in bold letters which cannot be obliterated that he had indulged in ragging and had conducted himself in a manner unbecoming of the student.

d)      The decision of the Head of institution or the college management is final.






¨      Books from the College Library are issued only to present students of the college and the members of staff.

¨      Students will be allowed to borrow two books on production of identity cards only.

¨      The Library will be opened for issue and receipt of books on every working day.  The working hours are as notified on the Notice Board of Library.

¨      Books taken on loan can be retained up to a maximum period of 15 days.  During the interval, the books can be returned and taken on loan.

¨      A student who fails to return the book on due date shall have to pay a fine of Rs.1/- per book per day subject to a maximum penalty of Rs.25/- after 30 days. 

¨      No student will be allowed to borrow books, if the fine is not paid.

¨      If, the day on which the return of books fall due happens to be a holiday, the books are to be returned on the next working day without fine.

¨      Books taken for the vacation should be returned within three days after the reopening of the college.

¨      Students should not write in Library books or even underline or mark any passage in them neither should they disfigure nor mutilate them in any way.

¨      The borrower last using a book will be held responsible for any defect or mutilation, not pointed out at the time of taking the book.

¨      Absence from the college will not relieve a borrower of the responsibility of returning books on due date.

¨      Students entering the library shall not bring with them other books or any printing material.

¨      Silence shall be maintained in the library.  Students who fail to observe this rule will be liable for a fine.

¨      Non-Members are not admitted into the library except with the permission of the Librarian.




  1. Strict silence should be maintained in the laboratory.
  2. A student must bring the necessary requirements such as dissection box, record and observation book etc., to every practical class without fail.  Negligence of any of the above requirements shall be punished.
  3. All breakages are charged full as decided by the Head of the Department.  All such breakages along with the names of the students responsible for the breakages are entered in the special register maintained for the purpose in each laboratory separately.
  4. Breakages or loss of apparatus which are not traceable will be treated as general breakage.  The amount as decided by the concerned Head of the Department will be collected from all the students.
  5. The records, field note books, observation books etc., must got signed by the concerned lecturer regularly and subsequently certified by the Head of the Department.
  6. The student with less than 90% of attendance will not be allowed for practical examination.
  7. Aprons must be used in Chemistry and Zoology practical classes in order to escape from damage to clothing.
  8. A student shall not leave the laboratory at the end of his/her work except after handing over his/her apparatus to the attender and taking permission of the concerned staff members.




I Term (I, III, V Sems.)                                                 II Term (II, IV, VI Sems.)


June, 2014                   21                                            November, 2014         19

July, 2014                    25                                            December, 2014         23

August, 2014               23                                            January, 2015             18

September, 2014          25                                           February, 2015            22

October, 2014               20                                            March, 2015               22

November, 2014           4                                               April, 2015                  13

                                    -----                                                                            -----

            Total                118                                                      Total                117

                                    -----                                                                            -----


Total Working Days = 118 + 117 =235.




I Term                                                                         II Term

                                                                                    November, 2014         12

July, 2014                    25                                            December, 2014         23

August, 2014               23                                            January, 2015            18

September, 2014         25                                            February, 2015           22

October, 2014              20                                            March, 2015               22

November, 2014           11                                            April, 2015                 24

                                    -----                                                                           -----

            Total                104                                                      Total               121

                                    -----                                                                           -----


Total Working Days = 104 + 121 =225.


      Unless there is a change, no separate notice will be issued for holidays in this calendar.



For U.G. 20.04.2015 to 10.06.2015

For P.G. 01.05.2015 to 30.06.2015


For U.G. – 11.06.2015

For P.G. – 01.07.2015








02.07.2014 to 08.08.2014       - 31 Teaching Days

11.08.2014 to 14.08.2014       - First Internal Assessment Examinations

16.08.2014 to 23.09.2014       - 31 Teaching Days

24.09.2014 to 27.09.2014       - Second Internal Assessment Examinations

29.09.2014 to 16.10.2014       - 10 Teaching Days

17.10.2014 to 05.11.2014       - Semester End Examinations


Total Teaching Days               - 72 Days




07.11.2014 to 18.12.2014       - 34 Teaching Days

19.12.2014 to 23.12.2014       - First Internal Assessment Examinations

26.12.2014 to 18.02.2015       - 35 Teaching Days

19.02.2015 to 23.02.2015       - Second Internal Assessment Examinations

24.02.2015 to 23.03.2015       - 20 Teaching Days

23.03.2015 to 10.04.2015       - Semester End Examinations

12.04.2015                              - Commencement of Practical Examinations


Total Teaching Days               - 89


20.04.2015                           - Summer Vacation Starts

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